Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Chlam..

I got Chlamydia. Its really quite fucked up. I met a girl that I have known online for around 2 years while she was a domestic helper overseas. Nice gal with a 3 or 4 year-old child, maybe 27, nice enough and smart enough, a Filipino. Its amazing, though how they butcher these girls when they have a c-section birth, big vertical scar. Why don't they do those horizontal incisions that are all the rage these days here in Asia? She stayed in my hotel room for a few days.

I didn't fuck her the first night. I wasn't feeling well, I had a slight headcold. She attacked me in the morning, so we had fun. So I gave her pussy a nice licking. Made her cum. I stuck my pussy juice covered fingers in her mouth and she sucked them off. Then she asked me if I thought that her pussy was too smelly. I actually like pussy that has some odor to it, it makes me horny. But what she didn't tell me was that she thought that it was smellier than usual. She told me this the next week. Nice timing. It would have saved me some heartache. So, then she gave me a blow job and I came in her mouth. Actually I like blow jobs from most Filipino women. One refers to it as how 'A Filipino girl says hello.' They will swallow and the continued sucking while cuming is very very pleasurable

Later in the morning I fucked her but I couldn't cum and I fucked her again the next morning and shot my load inside of her while she rode on top of me. That is when I got infected. Luckily, I did not give it someone else like my significant other. Chances have that she was going for some doctor tests for anew job she is planning on taking and they discovered it then. Needless to say, i was not very pleased about all of this.

But really, I should be more careful. Condoms all the time is really the right way to do things. Or just oral sex, much lower chance of transmission of most STD's, I believe.

Masturbate 3 Times

Today I masturbated 3 times. First time in the morning. Just felt like it for a release.

The second time, the chick that masturbates on the phone called me. I brought her to climax and then just as she was screaming, 'I am going to cum,' her roommate walks into the room. Ha ha, oops. She hung up and when I spoke to her later, I think that she was a little embarrassed.

The third time, another chick, that I wrote about here before tells me she just masturbated thinking about me. So I called her up and talked her through it again. I told her that I wanted to cum but she said that since she already came that she wanted to go [only half joking I think]. Of course I was hard and whacked off while I listened to her weakly try to talk dirty to me.

I was supposed to meet with Dia today, but she said that she didn't feel well. Oh well. I never did her and maybe never will, but I did make out with her one night when she was on X. She was grinding her teeth and I didn't feel like fucking her since she looked wasted. So I took her home and dropped her off. The next time she saw me around town she thanked me for being a gentleman and not attacking her or trying to have sex with her. I never have had to 'attack women,' so I have intention of starting now, just them them come to daddy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So I met Ayu. Took her immediately to the hotel room. Busy on Sunday so we had to wait. The wait of shame as we sat there for 15 minutes for a room to be vacated and cleaned.

Ayu isn't young. I did not understand her too well since she is just learning English. 35 years with a 10 year old kid, she showed me pictures and even one of her husband. I thought that she told me that she was 25 and had a 10 year old kid. Married at 15? Oh my god. But it wasn't this way, so I felt better. She looked 35, typical Javanese face and nice smile. Not a great body but adequate for the job at hand.

It just ends up that this chick hasn't had sex in over a year and needed a poke. Well, I did that. She wouldn't let me eat her but she did work my cock over, sucking, nibbling and playing. Not too bad, but I had better.

And then she climbed on top. For some reason, maybe because she was so tight. I came pretty quickly. Then it was time for an English lesson. She pulled out her books and we practiced and did some phrases and words.

30 minutes later, I was ready for another session and she worked over my cock to get it hard. I did her from behind this time. A little faster and harder than she wanted, I think. She is one of those gals that like it slow. Came again.

Now she calls me today and tell me that she misses me. Wants to see me again. Addicted to the dick? Maybe.

Friday, May 18, 2007


So, some Filipino maid chick that I met one night in a drunken stupor, has been regularly calling me. She also sends me sexually charged sms'es and I have been very willing to play along. So I meet her in Central a couple of weeks ago. She has her cousin with her for protection but she leaves soon afterwards. So we just sit and chat. late 20's with one kid, she has lived her for a couple of years. but during our meeting, she keeps giving me that look, its very difficult to describe what that look is. But it is definitely sexual in nature. After an hour or so, I send her on her way home.

So, she says she wants to see me again. I ask her if I have passed the test, but she doesn't play along with that. She says that she still wants to see me just to chat and talk and get to know me better.

So I meet her again the following Saturday. I have to do a few errands but its very hot out and I am sweating. So I say to her that we should get a room and just turn on the AC and watch TV. She is a little reluctant, but i know better. I tell her that I won't ask her to do anything that she doesn't want to do.

So, we turn on the TV and put on silly local programming and talk. She leans against me and I kiss her forehead. Eventually, I am sucking her nipples and then get her pants off.

After I make her cum a few times eating her nice smelling pussy, I have her suck me. She tires after a while since I think that my cock is a little too big for her mouth. So she just jerks me off and I unload a huge amount of cum all over the place. We fall asleep.

I tell her when we wake up and get clean that we will save fucking for another time. She keeps sending me messages and calls me and gets angry now when I don't respond quick enough. So lets see how this goes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who are you?

Sometimes I get calls from chicks that I have never met. I think that they get the number off of someone else's phone or when they borrow, buy or given a used phone or used sim card. Or maybe they are just given my number from someone else that says 'give this boy a try.' Whatever, but I do get an unusual number of wrong numbers from gals that want to chat.

So, this chick Ayu called me the other day. Her English isn't so good but she calls me everyday. She says she wants to practice English and learn more. So what did she tell me? She told me that she has been in Hong Kong now for 1 year and 2 months and hasn't had sex since she left Indonesia and her husband then. She misses having sex and likes it very much. I am not too sure if that is such polite conversation for someone a person has never met. Then she asks me to meet her on Sunday. Now she wants me to MMS a picture of me to her. Its just so different from what I am used to.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

2 lesbians

So I was out a couple of months ago with my friend who was getting taken for hundreds and hundreds of dollars by a Filipino wolfpack. And this chick kept coming over saying hi and as she got drunker, accidentally bumping into and grabbing my dick. She seemed pleasant enough but wasn't particularly attractive but well built, large breasts and nice bottom. But she also looked a little bit butch, the way she dressed and her fondling of the other chicks she was hanging with should have been a clue. But I was hanging with my friend, so I didn't pay much attention to all of it. After my friend departed, she came over and I purchased a beer for her. When she went to the bathroom, one of her friends came over and asked me why I hanging out with her since she is a tomboy [lesbian]. I just shrugged.

So I ended up leaving with her. She took a shower at the hotel and I stripped off her towel that exposed a huge set of titties. Her nipples were probably the biggest I have ever seen in my life. She was around 26 or 27 and had a kid, so she didn't have one of those great young bodies, but one built for enjoying.

Interestingly, she didn't allow me to eat her pussy but did a very fine job of sucking me off. So well, that I almost blew my load out of my rockhard cock before fucking her. Real sucking tallent. After a bit of this, she straddled my cock squatting down flat feet on the bed and slid her wet pussy down till it was all the way in. Then she started to pump me fast and hard, from her squatting position sliding up and down my cock with her whole body, in an impressive display of athletics. Its not something that I could do for very long but she kept it up until I shot my load.

An interesting fuck. I did her two times more after that.

Then a week or so ago, a day after I fucked some nice little chick that said she was from Macau, her tomboy friend must have decided that it was time for her to get some cock, too. So I took her to a hotel. And what a nice young clean body she had. Long black pussy hair, but a white lithe body. She liked the pussy licking that I gave her and then I gave her a nice fucking. But only once since I was a little too drunk.

I would like to do her again, but I forgot her name. And she wouldn't kiss me when I dropped her off at home. Maybe I didn't do her well enough.

A couple of years ago, I did drop off another tomboy at her place in Northpoint and played with her pussy and kissed her on the street for a while but didn't fuck her. I saw her again a while later and treated me with hostility, so that was the end of that.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Filippino wolf pack

When out and about town, you may run into a packs of Filippino chicks in Hong Kong on tourist visas 'working.' They generally lie in wait in bars in Wanchai looking for an injured [drunk] victim. When the hapless vicitm bumps into these temptresses, they are usually attacked with 'buy me a driiiiink' lines. And its not just for the first one that asks, it for her and her friend(s).

Why should someone feel compelled to buy some over-priced drink for some chick just because she asked you:
1. Where you from?
2. Where you staying?
3. Buy me a drink?
Yes, this is value to life on this earth that should be encouraged and compensated.

And due to my large girth and ancient worn face, I get an extraordinary number of these chicks cornering me in various places in Wanchai. These kind of things got old decades ago and we still have to endure this crap today.

And then, sometimes you get the 'life is hard in the Philippines and I have to come up here to make some money.' These chicks aren't even being honest whores.